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Web Development

Web Development

Krupa Info Services is one of the most reputed Web Development company in India. We cater several services specifically in PHP development, eCommerce, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, Vtiger CRM, MySQL, VirtueMart. We are offering SEO services as well with the Web Development. We believe in offering quality work in a given timeline. Even we give full support to our clients until they didn’t get satisfaction.

We are developing websites using PHP, Custom MVC, Code Igniter, WordPress, Magento. Even, we are developing Mobile apps in native and Ionic framework. Let’s have a look onto each frameworks:

Web Development
PHP Development

PHP Development

It is popular among developers as it helps them to enhance the functions and provides great appearance to the sites. It is Mainly used to create dynamic pages, it is also used for custom web solutions. As it can be effectively blended with HTML, it is the most preferred programming language. PHP has a various benefits for which it is used that are described as below:

  • It’s a free and easy to use open source server side scripting language.
  • It works exceptionally with CMS
  • It provides Database flexibility.
  • It decreases loading time of the site
  • It has a huge standard library


CodeIgniter simplifies the PHP code and brings out a fully interactive, Dynamic site in a shoter time. It is PHP driven framework but it's not a PHP substitute. It contains libraries, simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries, plugins, helpers and some other resources which solve the complex functions of PHP more easily maintaining a high performance.

Why Code Igniter should be used?

  • It can be used If one needs a framework with small footprint
  • It provides high performance.
  • It requires zero configurations.
  • It doesn't require adhering to restrictive coding rules.
  • Last but not the least, it is used to get a simplified code structure.
Custom MVC

Custom MVC

Custom MVC is nothing but the simplified Model View Controller application structure built using PHP. It separates the application into three components and defines connection between them:

  • Model represents database logic —To communicate with the database
  • Controller represents application logic — PHP code
  • View represents presentation logic — HTML code


WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool written in PHP as well as the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) in today’s technological era.

Why it’s the most popular CMS used?

  • It is free available CMS.
  • It is SEO friendly upto 99%.
  • XML sitemap can be generated easily.
  • It has fast loading speed because of good standard coding.
  • It’s customization is easy.
  • It supports multimedia.
  • It has the ability to host multiple WordPress sites on the same installation.


Magento is an ecommerce platform. It is built on open source technology that provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. In addition to that, it provides control over the look, content and functionality of their online store.

Why Magento should be used for e commerce website rather than other platforms?

  • It has easy to use features.
  • Because of it’s unique functionality that it updates the website automatically.
  • It also supports multiple websites across domains to promote service and products.
  • It has easily adaptable functionalities, quick and versatile.
  • It allows multiple payment and shipping options.
  • It also provides better SEO key features with targeted promotion and merchandising, than any other shopping cart available in present market.

Native Apps

Native apps are built for a specific platform. They can interact with and take advantages of operating system features and softwares that are installed on that platform. Here, question arise. Why we should build an app in native language instead of using framework at a cheapest rate as well? Then, below are the advantages of developing an app in Native language.

  • They have full access to the platform APIs and direct access to all specific platform capabilities for instance smartphone’s GPS, Camera, USB etc.
  • Their performance is highly achievable as they are compiled to run directly on the hardware.
  • Integration of new features is easy and quick.
  • They feels and look like default apps and users get used to it easily.
  • By using XCode and Android Studio tools, user can tune, analyze and trace, unlocking the highest performance.
Ionic framework

Ionic framework

At Krupa Info Services, We used to built app using Ionic framework as it’s widely used technique nowadays because of its several unique features. Ionic framework is an open source SDK for Hybrid Mobile App Development. So, Let’s have a look onto advantages of it.

  • It is based on SASS and offers tons of UI components for creating robust and rich apps.
  • It’s a completely free and open source framework.
  • It offers various default UI.
  • It’s compatible with AngularJS.
  • It provides all the functionality found in native mobile development SDKs, so developers can create the apps as per client’s need and customize them for OS or Android and deploy through Cordova.